• Three test of strength of flange and nut

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    Three test of strength of flange and nut
    1. Force test: the torsional force of a product is its ability to resist twisting into two halves. All standards have the minimum requirements for torsional force of self tapping screws. This test is to clamp the flange nut on the chuck with a tapping tooth in the torsion tester, then use torque wrench to force until the nail breaks. If the torque does not exceed the minimum requirement, the product is not qualified. Disqualification shows that the diameter of the nail is too soft or the grain is too small.
    2. Lock test: this test is to lock the studs to a test board, which has the specified hardness / thickness and aperture. If the flange nut is locked over the test plate, but the stripe is deformed, the product is not qualified. Disqualification shows that the surface hardening of the pin is too shallow or too soft.
    3, lock torque test: this test is only required for screw rolling nails. The minimum locking torque of the test board was observed when the locking test was carried out. If the torque exceeds the specified standard value (the standard value is determined according to the size / surface treatment of the nail), the product is not qualified. Disqualification shows that the surface of the stud is not lubricated enough, or the shape of the pin is not proper, which requires greater torque.
    In mechanical design and manufacture, the way to prevent nuts (or bolts) from loosening automatically is as follows:
    1. Cushion spring washer; (easy to do)
    2. Use six angle slotted nut + open pin;
    3. Pad gasket; (increased processing process compared with last year).
    The six angle head opening of the 4 and six angle bolts is inserted into the steel wire. (increase the processing procedure over the same period)
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