• Basic knowledge of six angle nuts

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    Nut is a nut, which is screwed together with bolt or screw to play the part of fastening. All the production and manufacture machinery must use a kind of original piece. There are many kinds of nuts. We often have national standard, British standard, American Standard, and Japanese standard nut. Nuts are divided into carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic steel, etc. according to the material. According to the product attributes corresponding to different national standard numbers, they are classified into ordinary, non-standard, old national standard, new national standard, American system, British standard and German standard. In different sizes, threads are not divided into different specifications. General GB and German standard are represented by M (for example, M8, M16).
    The American system and British system are fasteners (such as 8#, 10#, 1/4, 3/8). The nut is a part that connects the mechanical equipment closely, and can be connected by the inside thread, the same specification nut and the screw.
    For example, the nut of M4-0.7 can only be matched with the screw of M4-0.7 (in the nut, M4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut about 4mm, the distance between the 0.7 fingers and the two threaded teeth is 0.7mm); the American products are also the same,
    For example, the nut of 1/4-20 can only be matched with the 1/4-20 screw (1/4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut is about 0.25 inches, and the 20 finger has 20 teeth per inch).
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