• There is a difference between the flange nut and the six angle nut

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    The flange nut and the general six angle nut are basically the same size as the thread specification, but compared to the six angle nuts, it is a gasket and nut, and the underneath has a slippery pattern, which increases the contact between the nut and the surface of the workpiece, and is stronger and more tensile than the combination of the common nut padding ring.
    Common flange and nut specifications are generally below M20, because most flange nuts are used in the pipe and flange plate, so the workpiece is constrained, flange nut specifications are less than the nut. Some of the flanges and nuts above M20 are mostly flat flanges, that is, there are no toothes on the flanges. Most of these nuts are used in some special equipment and special places.
    Flange and nut connection factors:
    When selecting nuts for flange connection, factors such as pipe operating pressure, operating temperature, medium type and gasket type should be considered simultaneously.
    Gasket type and operating pressure as well as operating temperature all directly require the strength of fastener material. For example, the flange connection of a low-voltage highly toxic medium pipe sealed with a winding gasket, although the operating pressure and temperature of the pipe is not high, but the pressure is required to make the wound gasket when the initial seal is formed, which requires a large load of the fastener. In this case, the fastener is required. High strength alloy steel is used.
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